Why TJ Holland?

A Dash of witThat T.J.Holland blend - heavyweight craftsmanship with a light touch

When it’s buttoned-up, your T.J.Holland shirt is a model of boardroom gravitas, with a strong silhouette and superior double-twist yarn that never loses its shape.

When it comes to sitting easy, an entirely different quality comes into play. Distinctive collar and cuff linings in a tasteful rose-pink, so you’re still elegantly turned out in open-neck or shirt-sleeve order.

This unique effect comes down to certain key manufacturing standards, rigorously observed in our UK production unit, and backed by an unconditional 30-day guarantee.

  • Sea Island quality
    Silky-soft long-staple cotton of luxurious 100-weight yarn, with every fibre double-twisted for extra strength, comfort and durability.
  • Matching sleeve & shoulder-panel
    Classic hallmark of a quality shirt - patterns that meet precisely at the shoulder, creating a smoother contour over the upper body and shoulder line.
  • Extended upper cuff
    Long button-down upper cuff (or gauntlet), enabling the sleeve to be rolled up without creasing, and exposes smart pink lining.
  • Cross-stitched buttons
    All buttons in handsome mother-of-pearl, each one precision-stitched two ways, to ensure double degree of fastness.

Twist of differenceSo you get the professional look you need. With the individual touch you want. You might call it Jermyn Street with a twinkle in the eye. You might call it boardroom chic. You might call it smart-casual plus.

You might just call it T.J.Holland.
Daring. Dashing. Different.